Labor & Demographics

Businesses in Botetourt County enjoy favorable labor conditions and a stable social environment.

Botetourt Facts & Figures

  • Labor market of 350,000 workers
    • 21.3% of County workers are in education, health and social services
    • 13% work in manufacturing
  • Less than 3% union presence
  • Well educated workforce
    • Over 89% of County residents have high school or higher education
    • 23% have Bachelors degree or higher education
  • Low divorce rate of 7.9%
  • High home ownership rate of 87%
  • 13.5% of county residents are U.S. veterans
  • Low business costs – Moody’s estimates cost of doing business 15% lower than national average
  • Low cost of living – Cost of living averages 5-6% lower than the national average

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U.S. Census Data and Other Resources

There are a number of excellent resources which provide details on Botetourt County demographics – population, income levels, age statistics and more. Here are some popular links: