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Botetourt County Transportation Safety Commission

meets 6:30 p.m. 2nd Tuesday of March, June, September, December
5 W. Main Street, Fincastle, VA 24090
(540) 928-2010.

Board of Supervisors
Ray Sloan
Amsterdam District
Alan Long
Blue Ridge District
Michael Rock
Buchanan District
Harry Falls
Fincastle District
W. T. Hunter, Jr
Valley District
Michael Lynch
Public Schools
Ben Irvin
County Administration
Cody Sexton


  • EastPark Drive Traffic Signal  (Aug. 2012) image001

Construction appears to be underway for the traffic signal at the intersection of EastPark Drive and U.S. 220 Alt. VDOT explains that a new type of signal will be installed there:

The signal phasing will include protected-permissive movements for the left turn from Alternate 220. Instead of the Left Turn Yield on Green Ball indication, the flashing yellow arrow configuration will be used. This type of installation is newer and research has shown it to be more intuitive that the green ball indication. You may have seen this type of installation elsewhere; North Carolina has been using them longer than Virginia has. The flashing yellow arrow indicates that a left turn can be made using caution and replaces the older green ball indication. There will still be a green left turn arrow to indicate a protected left turn during a portion of the signal phase. The attached image shows what the left turn signal will look like with the flashing yellow indication.

We have been advised that the “Be Prepared to Stop When Flashing” signs will not be installed at this signal. This decision is based on the sight distances and adjacent signals. VDOT will monitor crashes that occur in the intersection and if necessary, the flashing signs could be installed at a later date.



VDOT Traffic Alert

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