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Botetourt Launches Childcare Survey

January 6, 2020

County seeking to gain better understanding of a potential workforce development gap


Daleville, Va. (January 6, 2020) – Botetourt County announced today it will launch a “Childcare Needs and Assessment Survey” available on the County’s website and Facebook page.

The County is seeking information that will aid in the understanding of the current and potential future needs in childcare. This data is pertinent to the decision-making of current childcare providers who may consider an expansion in the future as well as assist in the attraction of new childcare providers exploring the opportunity of establishing a child care business within the County.

Since 2016, Botetourt has experienced a significant increase in business investment and job growth. This growth is expected to continue into the near future. As a result, the County is anticipating an increased need for quality childcare throughout the County to enable more residents to pursue employment opportunities within the County.

The survey is on Botetourt County’s website and on Facebook under the Botetourt County Economic Development page. The survey will be available through February 8, 2020.  

The link for the survey is:


For more information, contact:

Cody Sexton, Assistant to the County Administrator

(540) 928-2010