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Road Closure; Route 716 (Apple Orchard Lane)

June 23, 2021

Notice of a road closure on Apple Orchard Lane.  The road closure is necessary for the replacement of two 60″ pipes under Apple Orchard Lane.  The road closure will still allow all residents to access their homes, but one end of the road will be closed completely.  Apple Orchard Lane connects to Stoney Battery Road at both ends.  The end which will be closed will be at the end furthest from the Town.  Below is a map showing the location highlighted in red.

This section of road will be closed beginning Monday, June 28th thru Friday, July 9th.  If work is completed sooner, the road will be opened back up to traffic.  Messages boards will be placed tomorrow alerting the travelling public.  This road is mainly used by local residents so the impacts should be