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Stormwater Management in Botetourt County


Fincastle, VA – The Botetourt County Department of Development Services and Division of Construction Compliance in accordance with state law has posted new ordinances and rules regarding stormwater management for the County. These regulations have gone into effect on July 1, 2014. The documents and additional information can be found on the Erosion and Sediment Control website at:

Stormwater is any type of precipitation that runs over the ground and drains into a gutter, ditch, storm drain, river, pond or lake. When stormwater runs across the ground it picks up pollutions such as grass clippings, fertilizer, litter, cigarette butts, motor oil from leaking cars, and brake dust. Polluted stormwater negatively affects water quality and can lead to both economic and health problems because it is released into waterways without being treated.




For more information, contact

David Givens, Construction Compliance Manager

(540) 473-8248

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