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Botetourt Fire and EMS Invest in Lifesaving Device


Fincastle, VA — The Botetourt County Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) recently placed a new lifesaving device in service on the EMS supervisor's vehicle. The Lucas II is an automated CPR device that has grown in popularity over the last several years in the EMS industry. It ensures consistent, appropriate depth chest compressions to patients suffering out of hospital cardiac arrest. While the chances of survival for this type of situation are dependent on recognition, early activation of 911 and EMS resources, and early CPR, this device can play a major role in resuscitating someone in cardiac arrest.

“The Lucas devices are a game-changer for Botetourt and have helped protect and preserve the lives of our  citizens and visitors,” said Jeff Beckner, Chief of Fire and EMS.

The American Heart Association reviews emergency cardiac care and provides updated, scientifically supported evidence every four years. Adjunct CPR devices such as the Lucas device continue to be studied for their effectiveness as more and more services are seeing positive outcomes with their use. Botetourt has had CPR adjunct devices in place now for just over 7 years. This new device provides a better platform for deployment as well as a better battery management and charging capability. Since its implementation in October, the new Lucas device has been utilized over ten times.

To learn CPR or get more information on how to become an emergency responder in Botetourt, visit www.botetourtfireems.orgor contact your local fire or EMS station.



For more information, contact

Jason Ferguson, Division Chief of Operations

(540) 473-8329