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Board Approves Strategic Vision for 2040


Fincastle, VA – The Botetourt County Board of Supervisors has closed out the year on a high note by excitedly adopting its 2040 Vision with unanimous approval. The statement is the culmination of over six months of work by the Board and staff engaging in a strategic planning process for the future of the County. The Board’s vision is a picture of how they want to see the County in 2040: vibrant, distinct, and complete.

“The way the Board has come together around this strategic planning effort has been remarkable,” said Dr.  Donald “Mac” Scothorn, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “We are all on the same page and are ready to do the hard work necessary to make this vision a reality.”

Scothorn along with Supervisors Todd Dodson, Jack Leffel, and John Williamson are all in their first terms on the Board, and Supervisor Billy Martin is in his second term. The rare situation of having such a relatively new Board helped to spur the desire for strategic planning. Furthermore, the short tenures of the members have given them the opportunity to learn and grow together as a Board.

“The comradery displayed by the Board members during the strategic planning process has been a great boon to staff and the County as a whole,” said Kathleen D. Guzi, County Administrator. “The Board members have encouraged and supported each other’s views during the process in order to come up with a unified vision. It is truly something special.”

Now that the Board’s vision statement has been officially adopted, the next steps will involve staff working with the strategic planning facilitator to develop work plans for the various priorities associated with the vision. A  number of the projects are already in development while others will be new or renewed initiatives of the County. The Board anticipates taking formal action to adopt those work plans throughout the spring.

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