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Reassessment Progresses in the County


Fincastle, VA – Wampler-Eanes Appraisal Group of Daleville is in the process of inspecting real estate parcels throughout the County. The firm was contracted by the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors to update the values of all real estate in the County effective January 1, 2016. When inspecting properties, Wampler-Eanes assessors will be clearly identified in marked vehicles and will be bearing company identification cards.

Assessors are responsible to perform an exterior inspection of all structures on a property and to measure the size of structures. They will attempt to contact property owners or residents to confirm information about the property and structures. If unable to contact an owner or resident at the time of inspection, assessors will leave a notice at the property to indicate they visited the property, inviting the owner or resident to contact the offices of Wampler-Eanes if they have any questions.

The Board of Supervisors appointed Gary Eanes as professional assessor for the reassessment process. Mr. Eanes is responsible for overseeing the process and ensuring that the reassessment is conducted properly and according to State law.

Wampler-Eanes’ offices are located at 120 Amsterdam Road, Daleville. Telephone inquiries may be made at (540) 992-2273. Representatives of the firm are available to speak to civic organizations and at other public forums throughout the reassessment to explain the process and to answer questions.

The Botetourt County reassessment began with a market study of recent property sales in the County. Market sales will be monitored by the firm throughout 2015, and adjustments will be made as needed. The sales study establishes a baseline of comparable value for the various types of properties in the County. The baseline will be used to reassess parcels to fair market value. State law requires that localities periodically adjust real estate values to 100% of fair market value for tax purposes. The County’s last reassessment was effective for the 2010 tax year.



For more information, contact

David Moorman, Deputy County Administrator

(540) 473-8223