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County Administrator Submits Resignation


The Botetourt County Board of Supervisors tonight accepted the resignation of County Administrator Kathleen Guzi. Chairman Mac Scothorn said, “Kathleen has done a fantastic job for us these past three and a half years, and we’re sorry to see her go. Her tenure here brought positive changes and was advantageous to the people of this County. We wish her the best of luck in her next adventure.” Vice-Chairman Jack Leffel said, “Kathleen worked hard every single day, and that’s something I appreciated every time I saw her.” She will continue to serve as county administrator through November 30 of this year.

Anticipating the possibility of Ms. Guzi’s departure, the Board had begun looking for a new county administrator recently. Tonight it authorized Chairman Scothorn to execute a contract with Gary Larrowe, who has been County Administrator in Carroll County for a decade. Mr. Larrowe is expected to take office in Botetourt in January.

Deputy County Administrator David Moorman will be Acting County Administrator during the time between Ms. Guzi’s departure and Mr. Larrowe’s start date.



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Cody Sexton, County Administrator's Office

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