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Board Recognizes Seibel for Outstanding Agricultural Achievement


At its regular meeting, the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution recognizing Megan Seibel on her outstanding accomplishments in the agriculture community. The resolution is as follows:
WHEREAS, the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors is committed to recognizing and celebrating the County's long tradition of agriculture; and,
WHEREAS, the Board highlights the farming family as the heart of the past, present, and future of agriculture in the County; and,
WHEREAS, Mrs. Megan Seibel is a passionate and optimistic member of the agricultural community in Botetourt County, growing wine grapes and raising beef cattle with her husband and children; and,
WHEREAS, Mrs. Seibel has a strong commitment to agriculture, evidenced through her service as the director of Virginia Tech's VALOR Program which is a leadership program for adults in agriculture; as the leader of the local Book Barn program which provides books about agriculture to local schools; and as a member of the County's Farm Bureau Board of Directors and the Ruritan Club; and,
WHEREAS, Mrs. Seibel is the recipient of Monsanto's 2015 Southeast Farm Mom of the Year award which recognizes her outstanding contributions to her family, farm, community, and agriculture;
NOW, THEREFORE,  BE IT RESOLVED, that the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors proclaims and honors Mrs. Megan Seibel's outstanding contributions to the Botetourt County agriculture  community and recognizes her as an example of excellence to both the current and next generation of farmers in the County and the Roanoke Valley.

For more information, contact

Cody Sexton, County Administrator's Office

(540) 473-8239