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Botetourt Corporate Visitation Program Goes to Roanoke Cement


Fincastle, VA — The Botetourt Corporate Visitation Program (BCVP) held its first visit of the summer at Roanoke Cement outside of Daleville on June 14, 2016. Representatives from Botetourt County government, Botetourt County Public Schools, the Botetourt County Economic Development Authority, the Botetourt County Chamber of Commerce, Virginia Western Community College, and the Roanoke Higher Education Center gathered to tour the plant facilities and learn about the history and future of the plant in the County. The goal of the visit was to show all facets of the cement plant, not only the industrial manufacturing side but also the environmental and sustainable side.

Plant Manager Zaklina Stamboliska welcomed the group, expressing much enthusiasm for the work of the BCVP and showing great interest in building stronger relationships with the County. Environmental and Sustainable Materials Manager Lance Clark then led the discussion and the tour of the facilities. In addition to learning how cement is made, much of the discussion focused on the environmental efforts of the plant.

“We strive to be a good neighbor in Botetourt County and to be as efficient as possible,” said Clark. “We see the plant as a giant recycling facility, using over 100,000 tons of materials a year that would otherwise go into landfills.”

The plant intends to invest $50 million in environmental improvements in the next few years, with some already coming on board this past spring. Moreover, the plant has a small apple orchard in a converted scrap yard, a trout pond in a decommissioned quarry, and a farm all used by employees or outside groups to learn more about the positive environmental impact of the plant.

“Being sustainable and finding efficiencies in our process is the only way that we will be able to be competitive in the market,” said Clark.

Learning about the plant’s environmental efforts opened up increased conversations about the many career  opportunities at the plant. While most of the jobs involve industrial operations, such as welding, machine and truck operating, and equipment maintenance, the plant also employs control room operators, engineers, laboratory technicians, and others involved with environmental and sustainability efforts. The long tenure of many of the existing employees also means that opportunities will be available in the near future as people retire.

“Roanoke Cement has been at the heart of the Botetourt County economy for generations, supporting our community and our families,” said Botetourt County Administrator Gary Larrowe. “We are committed to helping the plant provide the foundation, quite literally, for many more generations to come.”

Roanoke Cement is one of the largest industrial operations and employers in Botetourt County. Started in 1949, the plant is the only manufacturer of cement in Virginia and North Carolina. The plant has more than 100 employees and many contractors. The plant operates two on-site quarries providing more than 95% of materials used in the manufacturing process and sources materials from around the region to increase its sustainability. Due to many years of concerted efforts, the plant is able to produce an average of one million tons of cement a year while being one of the three most efficient cement plants in the country.

“Thanks to Roanoke Cement, Botetourt’s resources, our DNA, is in every building in the mid-Atlantic. The County and our people should be proud of what we have at Roanoke Cement,” said Larrowe.

The BCVP is currently planning its next visit in the coming months.



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