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Botetourt County to Join Greenway Commission


Fincastle, VA – After months of preparation, Botetourt County has officially voted to join the Roanoke Valley Greenway Commission, becoming the fifth member of the regional group. At a signing ceremony at the Greenfield Education and Training Center on June 29, 2016, Botetourt will be welcomed to the group by officials from Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Salem City, and the Town of Vinton. Becoming a member of the group will allow Botetourt to coordinate regionally on greenway and trails efforts and provide opportunities for funding of new projects in the County. Botetourt’s membership also aligns with the Board of Supervisors’ strategic plan, emphasizing the many outdoor and livability amenities available to the entire Roanoke Valley.

“Joining the Greenway Commission is a great step for Botetourt County, connecting with our neighbors to help prioritize and coordinate trail and greenway planning,” said Jim Farmer, Director of Parks, Recreation & Tourism. “The years of experience that the Commission has in that area will greatly boost our efforts in Botetourt.”

The Greenway Commission was established In 1997 when the cities of Roanoke and Salem, Roanoke County, and the town of Vinton entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement. The purposes of the Greenway Commission have been to facilitate coordination in the planning, development, and maintenance of greenways throughout the Roanoke Valley region. It is governed by a board of appointees from the member localities, and its operations are funded by contributions from the localities based upon their populations.

In 2015, the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution requesting that Botetourt County be allowed to join the Greenway Commission. Over the last few months, each of the participating localities has voted unanimously to make the necessary changes in the Intergovernmental Agreement to allow Botetourt County to become a member. The final ordinance to join the Greenway Commission was adopted by the Board after a public hearing at its regular meeting on June 28, 2016.

“We are excited to have Botetourt come on board,” said Liz Belcher, Greenway Coordinator. “As we look for new opportunities for greenways and trails in the Valley, we know that Botetourt is a key player in our future.”

Currently, Botetourt County has received funding for the Daleville Greenway Project, and initial work on the   project has already begun. The Greenway Commission anticipates beginning its next planning phase in the near future, including Botetourt in that process.


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Jim Farmer, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

(540) 928-2130