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Grace Period for Short-term Rental Owners


Fincastle, VA – The Botetourt County Department of Community Development has announced a no-fee grace period for the new short-term rental permit. Recognizing both the importance of having safe facilities and the needs of existing owners and operators, the County has established this grace period for the permit until December 31, 2016. While all existing and new short-term rental owners are required to obtain the short-term rental permit, there will be no fee to obtain the permit during this grace period.

“We value our businesses, and we want to encourage visitors to Botetourt County,” said Deputy County Administrator David Moorman. “Since the permit is new for short-term rentals, we desired to offer an incentive to our existing business operators so that they could easily comply with the new ordinance.”

In the fall of 2015, the Board of Supervisors commissioned the Vacation Rental and Homestay Advisory Committee to research and recommend how the County should respond to the growing popularity of short-term rental facilities, including private home and room rentals. These short-term rental facilities provide excellent   opportunities for visitors to experience the County. As a result, the advisory committee was tasked with recommending policies that would allow short-term rentals in support of the County’s growing tourism sector while protecting public health and safety and the character of the county’s communities. The short-term rental permit is the result of the advisory committee’s work.

“We are pleased with the outcomes of the work of the advisory committee and think it has struck a middle ground in this ever-changing part of the economy,” said Zoning Administrator Nicole Pendleton.

The County is committed to helping our businesses during this time of transition with the new permit. If you have any comments or questions, please contact the Division of Planning and Zoning at (540) 928-2080 or at County staff are available to assist in this matter.




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