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ELDOR Corporation is an international group leader in the automotive business with offices and manufacturing facilities across the world. All of this contributes to making ELDOR a leading company in research, development and production of ignition coils, engine control units and combustion management systems based on the analysis of ionic currents, as well as of electric systems for hybrid and electric applications. Combining technical innovation with the highest standard of quality, anticipating market needs and trends in the area of expertise, ELDOR introduces itself to clients as a partner in the development and delivery of innovative new solutions, customized and advanced.

ELDOR is constantly contributing to environmental preservation, as technologically advanced electric systems are developed for hybrid and electric applications, among which are electric machines, power and control electronics and Battery Management System.






March 15, 2016 – Announcement Celebration

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Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Leffel (left) presents a gift to ELDOR Chairman and CEO Pasquale Forte


Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Leffel (left) receives incentive check from Governor Terry McAuliffe


Governor Terry McAuliffe (far left) presents ELDOR Chairman and CEO Pasquale Forte with a Virginia flag

Senior ELDOR officials (left to right) Luca Forte and Andrea Durante celebrate



ELDOR Chairman and CEO Pasquale Forte (left) and Luca Forte (center) visit the

Virginia Western Community College mechatronics lab


ELDOR Construction at Greenfield

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Construction site at Greenfield, April 2016

Construction blasting, April 2016

Construction and Blasting Video


Maps and Site Plans

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