General Voter Information


Any registered voter is eligible to become an officer of election.  Officers do not have to serve in the locality in which they live.  In Botetourt County, we allow officers to work a full day (5:00 am to whenever all duties are completed after the polls close) or a split shift (AM 5:00 am – 1:00 pm or PM 12:30 pm to whenever all duties are completed after the polls close).  For more information and forms necessary to sign up CLICK HERE


Here’s a quick video about working the polls on Election Day!


These forms are intended to be printed, completed and mailed to our office.  If you want to complete the forms online, please click on the link beside the form name.

Voter Registration Application                     Click here for online application

Vote By Mail Application                 Click here for online application

Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) for military/overseas voters          To apply online – click here

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Am I registered?

Party Designation

Virginia does not register by party.  All registered voters are eligible to participate in any primary.  Please see “Primary Information” below for more information on primaries.

How to register

You can register or update your voter registration several different ways. 

  • Complete a Voter Registration Application and return it to Department of Elections & Voter Registration at PO Box 62, Fincastle, 24090  
  • Register in person at our office at 2 East Main Street, Fincastle
  • Register or update your registration on the Virginia Dept of Elections citizen portal.
  • Register or update at any DMV while taking care of other business
  • At any state agency 

When to register

  • Registrations or updates to voter registrations must be received no less than 21 days prior to the date of any election to be valid for that election.  (see Election Calendar)
  • Voter Registration must be updated whenever there is a change of residence/mailing address or name. 
    • Notifying Post Office or others does not change your voter registration
  • Individuals who will be 18-years old by date of the November General Election are eligible to register
    • If there is a primary to choose candidates for the November election, individuals who will be 18 years old on or before the date of the November election are eligible to register and vote in that primary.  Registrations must be received by the appropriate registration deadline. (see Election Calendar)

Voters who do not update their registration in a timely manner could be ineligible to vote in an election if particular criteria apply.  



Primary Information

A primary is an election administered by the state for the political parties.  It is up to the political parties to determine their method of nominating candidates to appear on the November General Election ballot.  If a primary is chosen, it is usually held in June and in Presidential years they can also be held in March (Super Tuesday).  All registered voters in Virginia are eligible to participate in any party primary as Virginia does not register by party.  Voters are allowed to vote in only one primary on the same day per Code of Virginia §24.2-530.  If both parties hold a primary on the same day (called a dual primary), voters must indicate which primary they wish to participate in when checking into the precinct. Each primary, even if held on the same day, is an individual election with separate ballots.  Thus the reason for indicating which party’s primary you wish to participate in.   


Botetourt County is comprised of five (5) magisterial districts each containing two (2) precincts.  

  • Amsterdam Magisterial District
    • Daleville Precinct (101)
      • Polling Location:  Lord Botetourt High School, 1435 Roanoke Road, Daleville
    • Greenfield Precinct (102)
      • Polling Location:  Greenfield Elementary School, 288 Etzler Road, Troutville
  • Blue Ridge Magisterial District
    • Blue Ridge Precinct (201)
      • Polling Location:  Colonial Baptist Church, 221 Hillcrest Street, Blue Ridge
    • Rainbow Forest Precinct (202)
      • Polling Location:  Colonial Elementary School, 142 Murray Drive, Troutville
  • Buchanan Magisterial District
    • Buchanan Precinct (301) (includes Town of Buchanan)
      • Polling Location:  Buchanan Elementary School, 255 Schoolhouse Road, Buchanan
    • Mill Creek Precinct (302)
      • Polling Location:  Mill Creek Baptist Church, 11475 Lee Highway, Fincastle
  • Fincastle Magisterial District
    • Eagle Rock Precinct (403)
      • Polling Location:  Eagle Rock Elementary School, 145 Eagles Nest Drive, Eagle Rock
    • Fincastle Precinct (406)  (includes Town of Fincastle)
      • Polling Location:  Fincastle Baptist Church, 7330 Roanoke Road, Fincastle
  • Valley Magisterial District
    • Troutville Precinct (501)  (includes Town of Troutville)
      • Polling Location:  Troutville Elementary School, 12 Barron Road, Troutville
    • Cloverdale Precinct (502)
      • Polling Location:  Read Mountain Middle School, 182 Orchard Hill Drive, Cloverdale

Map of Magisterial Districts

Precincts Map


The Department of Elections & Voter Registration offer several options for voters who may have difficulty voting in their assigned polling location. 

  • Voters with a disability or illness are eligible to vote absentee.  (see Absentee Voting)
  • Curbside voting is available at all precincts on Election Day and at the Dept of Elections & Voter Registration during absentee voting.  
  • ADA marking devices are available at all polling locations on Election Day and at the Dept of Elections & Voter Registration during absentee voting for voters who may have difficulty marking their ballot.
  • Device offers audio for the visually impaired
  • Voters may bring someone to assist them (voter and assistant will be required to complete an authorization form prior to voting)
  • Voter may ask for assistance from election official (voter and election official will be required to complete an authorization form prior to voting)
  • All polling locations are ADA accessible

For more information on the accommodations available, contact Department of Elections & Voter Registration at (540) 928-2120