Purchasing Office

Susan Tincher

57 S. Center Drive
Daleville, VA 24083

M-F 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

P: (540) 928-2106
Email: purchasing@botetourtva.gov

The Purchasing Office is responsible for the procurement of goods, services, insurance, and construction in accordance with the intent of the Botetourt County Purchasing Policy and Procedures Manual and the Code of Virginia. Our primary goal is to obtain the highest quality goods and services, in a timely manner, at the least expense to the County. We are constantly seeking new sources of supply and welcome your participation.

Vendor Registration

The Purchasing Office invites all vendors to visit the on-line procurement portal, Bonfire, to view Active Invitations. Vendors must register to automatically receive notifications of upcoming solicitations, to access the IFB/RFP documents, or to submit an offer.

Visit Bonfire HERE to View and/or Register

The Purchasing Office also utilizes the State of Virginia’s eProcurement Portal, eVA, for posting of all solicitations over $30,000. To view the state listings visit VBO (Virginia Business Opportunities) at www.eva.virginia.gov under Business Opportunities

The Purchasing Office makes every effort to directly notify registrants of upcoming solicitations according to their classification; however, to insure knowledge of a solicitation, it is suggested to visit the Bonfire Portal regularly for updates.



The County of Botetourt is exempt from all Federal excise and State sales taxes. Upon request, the Purchasing Office can issue an exemption certificate.

Purchasing Policy and Procedures


A. The Virginia Public Procurement Act permits the County to establish small purchase procedures, not requiring competitive sealed bids or competitive negotiation for single or term contracts for (i) goods and services other than professional services and (ii) no transportation-related construction, if the aggregate or sum of all phases is not expected to exceed $100,000; however, such small purchase procedures shall provide for competition whenever practicable. The Act also permits single or term contracts for professional services, provided that the aggregate or sum of all phases is not expected to exceed $60,000.

B. The following small purchase procedures have been established for use when acquiring materials, supplies, equipment, printing, and nonprofessional services under $100,000, or professional services under $60,000. Procurements made pursuant to these procedures do not require public bid openings or newspaper advertisements of competitively negotiated procurements. Small purchases generally do not justify the administrative time and expense necessary to conduct formal competitive sealed bidding or competitive negotiation. However, the County will use the most competition that is practical under the circumstances. “Bid splitting” to fall under small purchase thresholds is not permitted.

  1. PURCHASES UNDER $5,000 IN VALUE—Purchases in this group require no quotations. The $5,000 applies to the total of all items purchased on an invoice.
  2. PURCHASES BETWEEN $5,001 AND $30,000 IN VALUE—For purchases of this type at least three (3) quotations from valid sources must be solicited orally, by email, in writing, or by fax.
  3. PURCHASES BETWEEN $30,001 AND $100,000 IN VALUE—These purchases must be coordinated by the Purchasing Office. An electronic post of the procurement is required. The Purchasing Officer will choose to post on the County website and/or the state eVA website for Virginia Business Opportunities.  Written quotations will be solicited with a written description or by written informal IFB’s or RFP’s from at least four (4) valid sources. A record should be kept of the name and address of the vendors contacted, the item description or services offered, price quoted, delivery dates, and name of contact person. Department heads will be expected to assist in the development of specifications for the needed items or services and they should allow the proper lead-time in their planning.
    A written quotation includes a quotation submitted by fax or email, provided it otherwise meets the requirements of the solicitation.
  4. ALL purchases over $2,500 must have a Purchase Order and be approved by the Purchasing Office. Purchase Orders may be requested from the Purchasing Office via email or call; or Departments may create their own Purchase Order in the Financial Software System directly.
  5. ALL purchases must be approved by the Department or Division Head.
  6. All purchases $10,000 and up must have approval of the County Administrator or Deputy County Administrator.
  7. All purchases $100,000 and up must have Board of Supervisor approval.

Surplus Property and Disposal

Acting in accordance to the Code of Virginia 15.2-951 and 2.2-1124 and the guidelines set forth by the Virginia Department of General Services, Botetourt County Policies set forth procedures for the purpose of identifying, documenting and disposing of the County’s surplus property. Surplus property is defined as any materials, supplies, or equipment purchased by the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors for use by County officials and employees that is in excess of need, no longer in use, broken/outdated/or, disabled in some way and not serving a functional purpose.

The Purchasing Office holds the responsibility of documenting and coordinating surplus disposal with Department heads in accordance with policies.

Disposal progresses by order of transferring to another county department, or another locality or government body; offer to the general public through GovDeals.com or other public auction, by sealed bidding, or public consignment; Or, recycle or dispose by accepted disposal methods at a permitted waste facility.

Purchase Orders

Purchases may require the completion of a purchase order authorized by the Purchasing Office. If applicable, purchase order numbers are to be shown on all bills of lading, packing slips, back orders, invoices, etc. The Purchasing Office is the only department authorized to issue a formal purchase order for the County.


All invoices must be submitted to the Purchasing Office no later than the first of the month in order to be paid during the same month. The Board of Supervisors approves accounts payable invoices for payment on the fourth Tuesday of each month with checks being mailed on the Thursday following the meeting.

Debarment or Suspension

The Botetourt County Board of Supervisors may suspend or debar vendors from the consideration for award of contracts per authority granted in the Botetourt County Purchasing and Procedures Manual (Sec. 7.1). Grounds for suspension/debarment are included in the Botetourt County Purchasing and Procedures Manual. Vendors are responsible to conform to all provisions of this manual. For a list of vendors currently debarred from doing business with Botetourt County please contact the Purchasing Office at the address given above.

PPEA (Public-Private Partnership Act)

2018 PPEA Process – Solid Waste Disposal

Disclaimer: This publication is not intended to nor does it take the place of state and local procurement laws, ordinances or policies. In any instance where duly enacted regulations conflict with information in this document, such regulations govern. It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to ensure compliance with all governing regulations regardless of the accuracy or inaccuracy of information contained herein.